I’m gonna get up and do MY thing.
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This feels like it’s been a long time coming, but next month I’m finally playing a show as a bandleader — doing all my original songs with a backup band. I’ve been playing them acoustically by myself for a little while, but that’s never been how I envision them in my head. Never once. So it’s exciting to get these full-band sounds out of my head and into the air!

I started by just emailing the most talented people I knew, and was surprised when they said YES and all of a sudden I found myself surrounded by a crack team of musicians. That would be Greg Nergaard, my bassist-for-life; Bob Garrett, a passionate and professional drummer; and Anne Katzfey, my sister with the voice of an angel. For a while, I froze up and left their eager eager acceptance sitting on the table. I have a terrible time writing and working on my original music, but underneath that I feel like it’s my most important work.

Luckily, when I gathered my wits a year later, they were all still interested, and I had managed to land a gig: a Saturday evening slot at Old Town School’s Square Roots festival — kind of a sweet gig to be debuting a new band sound! I added Dr. Andrea Bunch to the band to handle keys and vocals, and the family was complete.

Today I’m in the midst of scheduling rehearsals with the family (we’re referring to ourselves as The A-Team because I think everyone in the band admires each others’ work) and compiling lyric and chord sheets for everyone to learn my tunes. It’s exciting and it feels like simple steps that I wish I’d taken on a long time ago. But I’m a big believer in “everything in its time,” so really I’m just excited to hear these songs the way I want to hear them – and in surprising new ways with these killer musicians. I kinda don’t even care if anyone else hears them…but they’ll be out there. July 11th, 6:30pm at Square Roots festival, we’ll share with anyone that’s listening.


2 comments on “I’m gonna get up and do MY thing.
  1. ooooooooooohhhh man oh man is this some fantastic news!

    you can almost feel the earth creaking from getting so much better!

  2. Matt Malone says:

    You didn’t consider me!? In all seriousness, awesome news. Hope it inspires you to continue… So we can collaborate.

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