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I can’t exactly tell you what a week it’s been here at Chris Corsale headquarters. Right around the same time I launched this site and debuted my song “Porch Light,” I got word that I was hired at the Old Town School of Folk Music as their newest guitar teacher — and just last night celebrated my 39th birthday with an acoustic set of The Right Now with my pal Stef over at Uncommon Ground. Other gigs have been coming in strong lately too…all in all, it’s a great week to be me.

The news about Old Town School is really great, and every day I’m kind of re-realizing that “hey, this is happening!” OTSFM is an institution in Chicago; a 50-year-running experiment in making musicians out of civilians, and better musicians out of musicians. I’m honored to be part of their faculty, because I know they must have a foot-tall stack of resumes (all figurative and digital these days, I’m sure) from folks like me looking to teach there. Anyway, I’ll be starting with a Tuesday night GUITAR 2 class, beginning on Oct 29th. After that 8-week session, I’ll hopefully branch into more OTS classes.

Apparently 39 is going to kick ass. I always thought it was a cliche to say you’re 39 long after the fact because you didn’t want to face 40 and beyond — but maybe 39 is just that good!

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