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Here I sit in my home office, Toto on the turntable, putting a few finishing touches on this website. It’s exciting to get some of this stuff out to everyone; I’ve been talking about (needing) a website of my own for a long time now. Hope you get a chance to listen to my stuff (click the headphones in the top-right corner), and take a look around.


I can’t type another word without giving massive thanks to two people:  my longtime girlfriend Rachel Epperson for taking the first steps toward making this website happen after hearing me procrastinate one time too many, and my longtime friend Tony Piscotti for handling all the nuts-and-bolts stuff that goes into launching a website. I can write some copy and come up with a few ideas, but Tony’s expertise was invaluable in making this thing a reality. I’m compelled to point out that you should visit Rachel’s awesome fabric store The Needle Shop, and listen to Tony’s band Northern Magnolia.


Hope you enjoy the site. And man, have you listened to Toto lately? Some of this stuff is awesome.


3 comments on “Welcome to the site!
  1. Stevie says:


  2. Tony says:

    Very nice site, Chris.
    I like the layout and movement of the pages.
    And, of course, your song samples – they are great.
    Looking forward to our next lesson(s).
    Tony Spreitzer

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